The Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy

 Self-Directed Learning Classes Without Walls  Project-Based Learning

5 Critical Elements of Our School

Personalized learning community

Hands-on, student-directed learning and discovery

Environmental emphasis integrated throughout curriculum

Projects and learning activities focused on 21st Century and life skills

Interaction with professionals in the community, field and classroom

The mission of Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy is to provide a unique and personal experience for each student that allows their passion and interests to guide their learning while promoting action toward environmental sustainability.

The vision of Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy is to provide students with a diverse, rural landscape where they will be supported in pursuing their passions and grow to address the challenges of protecting our land, water and resources. By working with staff, families, and the larger community, students will gain the skills they need to be flexible problem-solvers, effective leaders and responsible citizens. 100 acres of land will become a natural, daily asset to learning across all content areas thereby ensuring students receive a comprehensive understanding of our biosphere. Strong emphasis will be placed on the academic, life and job skills of the students while encouraging all learners to earn postsecondary credits and/or a Career Readiness Certificate while enrolled at the school. At the Jane Goodall Earth Sciences Academy, students will foster their knowledge, love and respect for the environment while promoting sustainability for future generations.

Our 100 Acre Campus

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